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Commercial Bank International (CBI)

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Train the staff for more information and improve the loan rules also decrease the fees.

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This bank starting new raises strategy but in financial Shap as if you don't earn monthly above 15k I will charge you fees in your salary account. They are looking for money and all Thier marketing signs are not real only to get money very disappointed

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They are acting good.

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Should give enough training for the staff. Salesperson needs to answer phonecalls or at least return our calls/queries. Interest rates are unreasonable.

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السيستيم دايما عطلان التلفون مفيش رد فوري وخدمة العملاء بتعطل الزباين أكتر من نص ساعه الي جانب ان خدمات البنك مش في كل الفروع ومقيد بفرع الضجيج فقط وبرضو تاني السيستم دايما واقف



The bank that dont care

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The most bad service you get from this bank

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I hope there’s rate zero I but 1 No service at all

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I don’t know it’s really a bank of vegetable market The most bad service you can get

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Poor Rating in terms of services which forced me to close all dealings

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