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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

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I took a loan in ADCB last year,and the agent explain to me that the interest is a low, but upon getting my loanble amount I noticed that the actual interest is higher than what he explain to me! They always saying that they are trying to help people but the truth is not!


سهولة التعامل مع الموظفين



the app does not display the actual credit or balance available. have to double check the sms received or call the customer care.

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i took a loan from ADCB and after knowing that they have huge interest rate compared to other banks here in uae.

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Super slow in resolving customer issues. No consideration at all. If you want to fix issues with ADCB deal with them on social media. Comment on facebook and you’ll definitely receive a feedback! Note that they also remove bad comments. So keep on commenting till they assist you.

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They are doing their best.

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I always get to experience good customer service. Mobile app is very useful and call center was prompt in service especially when i need assistance from agent.

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They should have more secure system for the clients accounts and have good communication with the customer.

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