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Saudi Arabian Airlines


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Their staff discriminate the customers with colour/racism. It's so sad


i love this airlines and very affordable price


I love their Saudi National day promotion

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I loved this airlines.economically its best, spacious seats, service and food all up to standards.

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I like the food and most of their airplanes, but I didn't like the response of the crew and the attitude



Satisfied guest 👍🏻



This is the first time I ride in Saudi and I had a great experienced.Staffs and crews are very care of their passengers Food are delicious and you will not be hungry , honestly you cannot eat all the foods that their serve because it’s too much and you will be full .You will not be bored as there is screen each in everyone to watch Movies , music They will provide headset, comforter , socks and everything unlike in other airlines .

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The AC on the plane is not good feels like there's no AC at all, seats are very uncomfortable. it was the worst flight of my life. 9 hours of uncomfortable flight... :(

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Flight attendants are not approachable. Maybe because its routine, they talk like its recorded.

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