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Qatar Airways


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It's exactly what great service what I was looking. My favorite airline always. Thank you


Overall good airline. Good food. They’re website is full of information. Very helpful

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Good in-flight customer service. Value for money.

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I travel every year with Qatar to South Africa to visit my parents, I highly recommend QA to anyone who asks me about my experience, the last time I travel with them, I had my 9 month old and I was 5 months pregnant, the gate for boarding was a bit far, so I was a little late, but the guy working at QA help desk ran ahead of me while they announced my name to tell them to please wait for me as I was pregnant and huge and had my 9 month old, I was so grateful to him for helping me, and I was so out of breath when I got to my seat, the wonderful air hostess had offered to help me with my baby and bags, and offered me water.. I was so grateful to her as well, and the rest of the flight was amazing, good food for myself and my baby, they took real good care of us.

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Highly recommended airlines keep up the good job!

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be compassionate to your clients and be considerate.



QATAR AIR WAYS is best air ways in gulf region had best facilities and very welcoming staff with very nice and pleasant environment in flights its always fun traveling with QATAR AIRWAYS

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المستوى عالي جدا ، الاكل رائع ، تعامل الموظيف مع العميل جد ممتاز،

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qatar airways is very innovative and very fast growing air lines,with best airline services and very good professional staff.

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