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المسافه بين الكراسى ضيقه جدا جدا . لما لا يسمح بتتغير المقاعد فى وجود الكثير من المقاعد الشاغره ؟



اضافة بعض الترفيه على الطائرة


Over all it was very good experience I have raveled twice and again travelling on 8th of September 2016 , only need to increase check in luggage facility .thanks


A good company. flight is comfortable and staff good

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الطيار قيادته سيئة


The policy of 7kg for for a carry-on is bad enough -- forcing travelers to checkin their bag and also pay a fee. But the attitude of the staff was terrible. One person was happy just staring after saying your bag is 10kg. That was it. When I asked how this can be resolved her suggestion was removing items! Her supervisor on the other hand was satisfied to announce that this is the policy and there was no way around it. She was disinterested, impatient, and almost disrespectful. "This is a budget airline." The staff need to be provided with empathy training to better understand the traveler and their frustrations. They managed to make an otherwise above average flight into a miserable experience.

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The chief advantage of Fly Dubai is their "private" terminal which is easier to get into and out of (Terminal 2) so it saves time. But their disadvantage is that they have poor lounge facilities, and I hate the fact that you need to pay to be entertained on board. I think if they studied the impact that makes on satisfaction they would reconsider. Flights are also often late.

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Please give the training specially to your customer service staff. Some of staff are good but some staff I think they don’t have any manner .

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The staff on board is quite unprofessional and needs more training, they lack communication skills.

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