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افضل تعامل الموظفين بلباقة/لا افضل السعر واتمنى تخفيض السعر

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I did not like the meal provided, the seat was not good, the crew was lovely


One of the worst airline from staff Attitude and quality wise, would never recommend anyone.

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المقاعد ضيقة ، اسعار غالية بالنسبة انه لا يوحد طعام وتدفع على الحمولة معظم الاحيان



It's one of the best airline with low cost


During my 1 trips mobile was stolen from my bag during chekin baggage claims and airline didn't took the responsibility.

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Safe and affordable rates. This is my recommendation to travel with nearby countries from Dubai Airport.

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They offer cheaper and affordable flights compared to other airlines, foods are just fine and what matters is that we landed safe and good to our destination

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It's effective and efficient airline.. issues might arise as situations at times is out of our control such as flight delays but nevertheless it's still a very good airline. Just keep up the good customer service and safe flights. God bless

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