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Last week I & several other passengers were stranded at the GYD airport as our DXB bound flight was delayed thrice in one day due to unprecedented weather conditions in UAE. And though it was not something that the airline could control or be held liable for, regardless they stepped up & tried to make up for it. They emailed regular updates through out the day to keep us in the loop regarding the delay, however the ground staff including the check in counter kept a tight lip and did not inform or acknowledge the evident 8hr delay we faced. The minute the plane docked at the GYD airport, they simultaneously boarded & provided all the passengers with hot meals, which was truly a nice gesture but extremely inconvenient. Most passengers struggled to carry the meal tray & their carry one etc, some including me opted to not take it at all for the very reason. What surprised me is that noticing this scenario, & keeping in mind that FlyDubai is a budget airline, the staff again served us small packaged meals like spaghetti/rice etc with water, basic juices & chocolates for the kids onboard. The flight was quite turbulent and most people including the airline staff were tired, sleep deprived and agitated by the delays, yet the staff managed to keep their cool & make the flight as pleasant as possible, which is quite remarkable to say the least.


dislike is that the seats are not comfortable.


I like to check In this cabin its fast and convenience very friendly crew and good service. My dislikes is I can't always go and travel to see again the fly dubai to sit and relax going to my destinations,I wish I have a holiday to go with fly dubai sponsored


I used to like it because of the average fare but now the fare is high..


Well its the best low cost airlines.cheap and best they cater all your needs surprisingly, not much to complain.i would recommend going with flydubai to save more on your holiday expenses.

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حبيت طريقة الخدمه متقاعدين جدا والابتسامة الآتي لا تفارقهم

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أسعار اقتصادية خدمة جيدة التوسع بشكل اكبر مع تقديم. عروض ترويجية على مدار العام

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It is cheap flight carrier. But during summer and winter break when schools are close airlines price also increases like other airlines.

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I like joint venture with Emirate Airline

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