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اسعار عالية


the staff treats so worst with my disabled daughter. they even told they dont have food . the nanny was just busy with her relatives in the airplane and gave most of baby food and children food to them . my trip was from Abu Dhabi to US. my child was vomiting continueous and when I requested. these airlines staff didn't bother. after my trip when complained no reply.



As a family we all love to travel with Etihad.

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They should focus more on handling passengers. I had a terrible experience the last time i flew with them. Cabin crew are not friendly or accommodating during the meal service, the quality of the product ( Ebox Entertainment - the screen was unresponsive as well)



زيادة عوامل جذب وخصوصا لأطفال في الرحلات قصيرة

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One of the best airline

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Etihad the best airlines of u a e , always had a positive and enjoyable environment when fly with Etihad,care more for their customers,staff always helpful and treat with very warm welcome to customer,

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Etihad is one of my favorites! They serve more than enough amount of food. Staffs are helpful and accommodating. Highly recommended! Take Etihad if you are also going to US. They have pre-clearance in Abu Dhabi. :)

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Etihad is leading airlines of UAE it had very innovative and professional way to serve customer, quality of services are best and very good satisfication to customer ,their staff always ahead to help the customer,

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Unfortunately Etihad call center is so slow and inconsistent with their answers , it is common now to wait for 30+ mins to be answered , get responded by “this is the wrong section , you’ll need to call another Option from the menu” stay on hold for 30+ min and by the end of the call , you will be lucky if your thing gets sorted out by the first call. I wish if the website or app at least makes you do all the changes for all kids of tickets , which is NOT the case now at all.Also, I don’t understand how my MILES which are basically equivalent to money have expiry ! I don’t see any advantage or added benefits of me buying miles. Overall the loyalty program isn’t appealing at all. Not to mention that companion tickets allowed travel window is too tight and restricted. Seating onboard is so tight and I’m of average hight.I hope the above is taken into consideration by Etihad

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