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good flight, value for money, good food service, new entertainment on your device good but needs to add more movies, arrive on time and take off on time

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I for one and my entire family were ardent flyers of Air Arabia. Flying to different destinations quite often. But every now and then, due to the rash Handling of bags by the ground staff has resulted us to have damaged upto five bags in different flights. In one of these incidents we even had a fragile sticker on the bag and they still managed to not care about it. i have made multiple complaints and they ended the enquiry making a statement that i did not report the bag damage in the airport itself - and that also because 1) i could not find any responsible personal to complain 2) i was in a hurry 3) The ground staff in the airport advised me to go home and make a complaint over email - which i did and was to vain.



خدمات ممتازة وأنا أحب دائما السفر عبر هذه الخطوط الرائعة موفقين دوووم يااا رب

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نرجو زيادة في عدد الموظفين والتخفيف من التعقيدات والإجراءات

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Budget friendly,but suffocating,not spacious, always crowded

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Air Arabia has the rudest staff in Lebanon



توفير اطعمة مجانية للمسافرين اثناء الرحلة

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مع تعاملي مع مكتب الطيران في المطار يحتاج إلى موظفين أكثر خبره وأكثر عدد وحجم الكتب صغير ومكانه غيرمناسب

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The service is so bad I feel I am in bus not in airplane

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