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Doctors are great and very approachable


They have to do something about the pharmacy or to put a system on place to allow people get medicine easily from outside their own pharmacy

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I like the helpfull staff but the customer service department and call center was not helpful


Terrible service. Doctor was rude and the diagnosis was wrong. I do not recommend at all



Continue what you have been doing. It's great already. Maybe just add ensuring availability of taxis as the wait time is long for those who do not have a car.



With my experience I am calling and scheduling appointment with doc so expecting I will be seen on the same time of appointment but out of 10 visits only once I was seen on time, rest I have waited for 20mins-1 hour! Added to this experience at the hospital pharmacy is the worse that you have to wait for 30mins -90mins to be served.

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one of the best at the in UAE

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waiting time in the emergency is too much.. you should work on that


It's Already too good for playing vital role in people life and I really would like to recommend my colleague.<3

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