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Customer service needs to improve, doctors' expertise should be more accurate to avoid patient coming back for the same issues or coming again and referred to a different doctor, pharmacy is quick and always available. Waiting to maintain always clean and fresh



They really required good doctors

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انا وأسرتي متابعين بانتظام في مستشفى القرهود و دائماً ما اطمأن على صحة أولادي مع دكتور وليد و صحتي الشخصية مع دكتوره دينا و اسعد دائماً عند زيارتي الدكتوره الجميلة نجلاء من قسم الجلدية مستشفى متميزة


My wife had a severe chest pain and hence scheduled an appointment. when the turn came the doctor just asked her the issue,she told what exactly is happening and this doc..just types on the keyboard and says its ok it will go and tells her to take panadol. The same she was taking earlier during the day in the office .I told him is that the only medicine, he said it would subside . The same evening , my wife still continued getting pain. Called the doctor and he just said continue. This guy must be in his 60's..i tool my wife to another hospital then ...and she was treated with plenty of medicines.which she got cured. It seems like he was relying on the system and giving remedies .

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بعض الدكاترة تنقصهم الخبرة وليس في مستوى التطلعات لكن الخدمة بشكل عام جيدة



المعاملة فوق الممتازة محتاجين بعض الأطباء الخبرة في مجالات العظام مثلا وبعض التخصصات



I had a laparoscopic ovarian cyst operation in Sep2019 conducted by Dr. USHA. I felt so comfortable and well taken cared of. It wa morenworrying for me as that was my ever frist operation but Drm Usah and her team made me feel at ease. The after care wss also commendable. Thank you.



good service and sometime over crowded recommended to all and all insurance card are accepted

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