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good service and sometime over crowded recommended to all and all insurance card are accepted

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very helpful and friendly staff.great service and care


Doctors r good but it’s staff needs to be more competent and it’s website is a bit confusing

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very kind doctors



Last week I visited I've been waiting for an hour. Nurs take blood sample but first attempt failed and it's painful for she press the needle down then push up while it's in my vain. Hopefully next time it won't happen to anyone.


very professional staff. we use to visit doctor neil a pediatric. very qualified and experienced doctor he is. Their staff as well as doctors are very cooperarive. The last thing their insurance approval procedure is very fast. they dont let their patient wait for hours.



The last time I visited their place was last month when I suffered from a tummy ache then appreciate how they response to my need. They gave their best to make you feel better.

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I would say service is good, though sometimes even if you have come on time for your appointment, waiting time is really a pain sometimes 30-40mins more, so if you have a doctors appointment make sure you dont have any appointments somewhere else before that as you will be late for sure.

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Im amazed on tne room where my husband was admitted at prime hospital, you’d feel like you’re in a hotel staycation and not in the hospital, i guess the environment helps to the fast recovery of patientsu as everyone feels relaxed.


i like the facilities of prime andd very accessible to nearby metro and taxi bay and walking distance to my place


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