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The staff at prime are very kind and helpful. I was informed about all the medical reports once they received it. However, my doctor misdiagnosed my condition even though he could do a better analysis since i came for a second opinion. I went through series of tests for no reason . Later a doctor from another hospital clearly identified the issue and rectified it for good. Overall , the experience at prime was not that great largely owing to the doctor's misdiagnosis.

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Near in our home so i have no problem on the location as it is just few minutes walk. Most of the time its a long que but now they managed as they have required to set an appointment is due to this pandemic season. Staffs and doctors were friendly and great

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Doctors and nurses are very punctual especially when you have an appointment. Treatments and lab exams are treated with urgency.



Based on my experience from prenatal till delivery till monthly imminization of my baby. The hospital/clinic is clean, doctors and staff are very accomodated. Near to my house and the bookings are being followed without much delays.However, hope that at least there is Pedia availalbe on Friday.

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Thank i liked it services


The location, its walking distance from our home. Very accessible.



Staff are very accomodating & doctors are professional & very clean!



I am satisfied with their service. Almost all staff are friendly. Doctors are accommodating. Only issues I had were the waiting times during peak hours and the availability of prescribed medications in their pharmacy.

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I like the Filipino Doctors, they explained well the diagnosis and give the right medecines esp Dr. Armando fr Burjuman branch.

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