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For all insurance types to have access to any branch, not only specific branches...



We have to take follow ups again n again.Work veey slowly



There is a male staff at the Burjuman reception who offers his excellent service, very accommodating. He sometimes wears Kandura. Also, the nurse in the Gyne section, Seena, the best nurse I have encountered in the branch.

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I've been a regular patient for 10 years now.thank you Dra.Daffodils Guevara for taking care of me for past 10 years

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Staffs are friendly and accomodating.

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Staffs are accommodating

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I go to prime on a regular basis as it's a clinic nearby and we keep very busy... however prime can make a lot of improvements on their processes n staff attitude as well S service! Some docs r really nice but on some you have to just trust and but you r not sure if you wil be cured.



The staff at prime are very kind and helpful. I was informed about all the medical reports once they received it. However, my doctor misdiagnosed my condition even though he could do a better analysis since i came for a second opinion. I went through series of tests for no reason . Later a doctor from another hospital clearly identified the issue and rectified it for good. Overall , the experience at prime was not that great largely owing to the doctor's misdiagnosis.

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Near in our home so i have no problem on the location as it is just few minutes walk. Most of the time its a long que but now they managed as they have required to set an appointment is due to this pandemic season. Staffs and doctors were friendly and great

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