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Usually takes time to arrange room for emergency patients and hospital rooms are not well maintained. The cost is comparatively less then other private hospitals in the area.


nmc is close to my house and I've never been disappointed by the docs and staff there. Their website has detailed information of the doctors working there and booking appointments are easier. However their pharmacy section has the slowest service with waiting time more than 45mins, which has to be improved.

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Good experience overall



NMC is very professional and unique medical services provider clinic but since last few months in some clinic doctors not as much knowledgeable just like before need to focus on this point

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Ideally appointments should be respected and patients should be taken on time

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My dream to find GP doctor are good

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When my daughter was admitted, Nurses were busy still attentive and every we asked questions they were ready to answer.

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Very good service and staff are approachable

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Improve staff education and skill.

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المشفى مزدحم وغير منظم والأثاث قديم

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