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Good services and true value for money


فترة الانتظار طويلة جدا وليس هناك التزام المواعيد وهناك فترة انتظار طويلة أيضا بالصيدلية وخاصة انتظار موافقة شركات التامين



They have very nice nurses.

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Good for Nothing.Only advertising.

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زيادة المواقف المجانية للزبائن

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Need to improve facilities.

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When my daughter was sick and she had fever 103 i had gone to emergency. They said her infection is very high and need to admit her. i said ok then they said beds are not available and doctor asked nurse is beds available she was so rude with doctor and shouted at him. we were surprised with her attitude and doctor was embarrassed. He said you can take her home , i said but you told her infection is high he said you can take her on your own risk. If bed is not available, your not giving solution what should we do. We went to another hospital after that.

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My daughter had high fever and went emergency ward ....the sister took the initial test and it took hours for a doc to visit.Even after the doc visit ...she was just kept on drips for couple of hours more ...that was a waste of time ...was suppose to be admitted and was told she is serious ...then suddenly said to take her home as they said later bed is not available .1st they strongly say to admit and put saline...and then after few hours say it's ok to go itjink they give someone without insurance card the bed .pathetic service. ..will never go again

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👍🏾 👍🏾 👍🏾

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