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Medcare Hospital

Private Hospitals - EuroHealth System FZ LLC

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Good service. Professional staff however the waiting time is long. Hope they address this issue.

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Long wait time and doctors keep connecting to different doctors

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Waiting time is horrible and they sell brands instead of treating patients



Nurses and pediatricians should have some trick for the babies to relax. Don't put extra charge just by injecting a vaccine. Telephone operator should be polite

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Great service and highly experienced staff

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they are very bad with the test results no one get back to you



Nobody answered my call. That is why i cancelled my scheduled check up because no one in the pharmacy picked up my call.

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I only go to the main hospital. Service varied depending on the Doctor your visiting. We always visit Dr. Zuhail as we are long time patient of Dr. Kazim. Excellent Doctor highly recommended . General Surgery Team are awesome.

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Many times when I go there I feel like that I just paid money for nothing, motor city branch is rarely if you could find a good doctor.

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