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Private Hospitals - EuroHealth System FZ LLC

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From my own experience, and after two operations failure, the management and the surgeon don’t even care to check the situation with the patient or to do the necessary to follow up with him or fix their own mistakes , I’m fully disappointed were we reached today and on daily basis I regretted making the surgery on their premises with their surgeon.



I will never compromise hospital when it comes to health service. I choose Medcare for its high standard medical facilities and caring staff. I’ve been treated many times by this hospital and I’m happy about the service. Thank you Medcare specially Medcare Women and Children Hospital Na Medcare Ortho and Spine.

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اتمنى لكم التوفيق

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I had experienced few hospitals and clinics in middle east and found it so far better than others.

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Dr Amit kaul is very good

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My sister was admitted at the hospital, sadly she lost her baby due to illness. It was a very sad moments for the family. but the staff make the stay very at home and i must say that everyone are genuinely concern for my sister lost. they have assisted from A-Z. they have even assisted for the process of the burial of my niece. from the cleaner, nurse,resident doctor,receptionist i have to give a more than 100% rating for their compassion due to our situation.They made us feel that they are with us and they did all the paperworks and procedure very timely amd personalized. kudos to all the team. specially to the nurse are an asset to the hospital.

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Its good but need to fix something for whats our needs



The pediatrician of my son didn't allow us to talk. He always interrupted us while we are telling something about our son and he is always on hurry to finish from US which lead us to decision of changing a pedia as well as the hospital

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لاهتمام اكتر



المستشفى من أفضل المستشفيات التي زرتها.. قد تكون المشكلة الوحيدة في الفرع الرئيسي عدم توفر مواقف كافية لزوار ومراجعي المستشفى سوا ذلك كل شي من أفضل ما يكون


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