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Improving their parking and most often the hospital waiting areas are crowded and noisy as every patients are referred to the same doctor and takes a lot of time even after patients are punctual with their appointments



Staff is very slow including doctors..take a long time for everything.improve bedspaces please oftenly people in gynaecology dep. Wait long for bed after delivery


Waiting at thumbay, dubai, branch of gmc, is too loong even if we have appointment.. Moreover to get an appointment itself is a big deal since doctors shift are finalized very late.. U never know when ur doctor will b availiable sometimes even a day or 2 before.. gyny section need a lot of improvement. staff are very slow and not as efficient as in other hospitals and delivery suits n beds should b increased as its mostly full. hospital is trying to get everything in order but still a loooong way to go.. Quality of service is not that good..



Ajman gmc is terrible, especially maternity area. Lack of parking, staff are not pleasant. The place is so chaotic. Would never go there again. Also my husband broke his arm and was told he needs this and that metal plait and a big operation. We went to a local bone doctor who deals with fractures, etc and he just fixed it in no time. 5years later, my husbands arm is still perfect. Gmc quoted us 11 000 plus, and with our local dr we paid 700


I went to some gyne ind* dr. Not good. I was not satisfied thr was male dr for ultrasound four year before. dont know now.. anyways it was noisy crowded and not organized properly. dr say we ll do blood test after three months of pregnancy....i was like what if some got genetic disease.... very dissapointing. .. second time we go for daughter blood never happened that any centre give oxygen when transfusion.. and when they give bill. they add more then 600 aed in bill for oxeygen mask..... strange

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طول انتظار المرضى ...خاصة في معامل الفحص ....والصيدلية .....يطول الانتظار ويحدث تجاوز للادوار ...بواسطة بعض المسؤولين مما يزعج بقية المرضى ...بكا انها مستشفى خاص والمرضى متساوين في دفع الرسوم اذن يجب تقديم ارقى الخدمات الطيبة للجميع على السواء .



Change their physicians to a more experienced ones. All of them just prescrib medications under a little diagnosis and reasons.


مراعاة الوقت و تحسين المعاملة



staff must be trained to be a professional


Need more parking

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