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From the name itself.. hospital..their really hospitable.. I had delivered my first baby there..that moment is not a great experience I must say..since it was my painful Labor moment..but they took care of me properly and attentively..Doctors were so approachable.. I didn't had difficulties afterwards..thank you and more power.

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the doctors are very good especially dr. fozi the best neonatologist. the hospital also smells so good and very clean in the inside though it doesn't seem attractive in the outside

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They have great doctors and staff.. I had my pregnacy check up and i had my 1st son delivered there.. Great experience

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I only go there to see Dentist Dr Sangeet. He is our family dentist..and I highly recommend him

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اسمها ثومبي اعتقد وهي مستشفى جيده كل حال اتعامل مع فرع الفجيره لا اعلم عن الافرع الاخرى

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its a bit expensive but the doctors as well as nurses are good and staff as we'll is very friendly

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Excellent doctors and service .However the parking space is the main issue with their fees is very high if there is no insurance to cover the treatment.


جيدة ومتطورة ولكن تحتاج تنظيم اكثر



مستشفى جيد ولكن ينقصه التنظيم

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