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Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Center

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I believe it is very professional hospital however the parking is the main issue as there are lots of pillars and for patients with big cars it will be difficult as it makes impossible to open doors from two sides

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مكان جيد للاستشفائ

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they have to call back to give the test results

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الصراحة مستشفى الدكتور سليمان الحبيب تصنف في مصاف المستشفيات الأوروبية من حيث الخدمات والاستقبال و العلاج أحسن مستشفى زرته في حياتي

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تحسين من مستوى الاطباء وكفاءاتهم



اختيار اطباء وموظفين على قدر كافي من الخبرة والمسؤلية

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هدفها تجاري الفلوس بس

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Did my surgery there and it was all very good, the nurses and doctors are very pleasant and always will help you out. However i think they must do something about the parking issues down stairs and I would recommend doctor or a nurse to call patience after sometime to check up on them not just for us to wait for our next appoitnment...

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The service was great:) my doctor and kids pedia is from Dr. Sulaiman:)

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هدفها تجاري وليس لمصلحة المرضى للأسف الشديد

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