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Good servies but the pharmacy too much rush

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excellent service and patient care. high standard and quality service. Doctors are very friendly. They will clear all doubts. i very happy with this hospital care.



افضل طاقم أطباء وخدمات ممتازة



I am currently a patient there. The staff are always smiling and helpful. Customer service is obviously something they really work on. I am cared for by a fantastic doctor and physio. I am very impressed with the level of care and would definitely recommend to any friends who needed orthopaedic input.

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بذل مجهود اكبر في مراقبة الموظفين و محاولة الإسراع في الخدمات المنجزة


service is very bad even if i book an appointment they make me wait for 1 hour . very partial staff . except nurses and doctors rest are highly UNPROFFESSIONAL ! please do teach your staff how to provide EQUAL SERVICE TO EACH AND EVERY PATIENT

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تقليل زمن الانتظار سواء عند الكشف أو الصيدلية



المستشفى الأفضل على الإطلاق .. رعاية و إهتمام بالمريض من قبل الممريضين و الموظفين بها .. خدمة ممتازة .. أعطيها 7 ستارز .. مع أن كانت تجربة الولادة فيها مع الدكتورة سوسن في فرع أبوظبي سيئة جدآ ...



The ambience is good for a hospital. It is clean and well maintained. They do offer beverages and wifi. However they do not stick to the appointment time which can get frustrating if you have other commitments. This was witnessed mainly at the dental.

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