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teach your receptionist to treat people well on opthalmologyand pediatric clinics . except this everything is super fantastic good job . Abu-dhabi branch is so luxury

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burjeel hospital al bahya branch abu dhabicustomer service is not good even after taking appointment had to wait half an hour sometimes an hour for my turn to come . in every step there is a delay unorganised only the doctors are good i have even adviced the doctor the customer service needs to be looked into patients are not treated equally

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The speed of the service is very fast. Staff were accommodating. Social distancing is always observed inside the hospital.



Burjeel is a great hospital with a good doctors but the slow in the service in the outpatient department. they have good location but lack of parking spaces. needs to improve the services and the customer service.

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One of the most trustworthy hospitals in the UAE



I like how fast taking the appointmentsI don't like the long time of waiting in the hall to call my name, time is not respected.


Burjeel Hospital is expensive hospital and cant afford by the low income family.

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The receptionist couldn't actually communicate with me from behind her screen. She seemed uninterested. Poor for customer service. Th radiographer performing the diagnostic was extremely rude and impatient. I was nervous, but left the hospital angry, upset and in tears.I had to make 3 attempts to complain, and only after did I threaten to report them to accreditation did anyone bother to return my call.



I like the service that they made for visitors



I have a concerned regarding scheduling the Ultrasound - it took 1 week- I visited thursday and the staff told me the near date will be next thursday. it is not good. for this kind of hospital.i been visited also the GASTO. scheduled appointment was 1:40PM i was checked by the doctor at around 2:30PM.

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