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The staff and service are all good to go.what i dont like is the overcrowded ambience,short space,waiting time,walk in appointment,website is a mess. Waiting time with appointment or walk in are the literally have to wait an hour and a half for your turn. Thats why i shifted to icare!

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The services is one of the best.

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they need more staff at the customer service

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i love aster beacause all my experience was good, but the only thing that i dont like is even you make an appointment, it's nothing, you will wait for a very long time even you are pregnant.

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The phone call takes a lot of time when called

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The waiting part before u get the service is the one I hate most but nevertheless the staffs do their job well.

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unprofessional staff. we visited gp in alrafa poly clinic and spend hours in clinic. literally we went go clinic 4 consecutive days for our tests and reports and then for prescriptions. their insurance procedure is very slow. they want patients to visit them each day to make their clinic look more busy. doctor took more than 2 hours just to write the prescription. worst experience

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Lots of branches in dubai


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