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Al-Zahra Hospital

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Expensive and was prescribed strong medications for my eyes


Insurance approvals takes too long even though in some cases the approval is already there fast from insurance side, the hospital will take too long to insert it in there system. so u have to go to the hospitals' insurance department to complete the approval process. also reports are not directly sent to the registered emails.

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The prices are high and the quality for some services and doctors should improve also there is too long wait time



الميتشفى ممتاز ولكنه غالي غالي وبيعملو فحوصات كتيرة جدا جدا تخث ان بعض الفحوصات للدفع فقط

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مستشفى الزهراء الشارقه مستشفى نظيف عملت به جراحه غرف نظيفه واهتمام من الممرضات والاكل نظيف من مطعم والمأخذ الوحيد عليه انهم فاتحين الزيارة كل وقت ولاخر ساعه بعد العاشرة بالليل واطفال تلعب في الطرقات و اصوات عاليه سواء الزوار او الترولي اللي يجر في الطرقات

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Always put a specialized doctor everyday not only GP

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أسعار عالية جدا

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Over rated maternity package and charge extra fee for basinet for no reason..


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