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New Car Sales - Al Futtaim

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الاسعار مرتفعه جدا.

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تعامل سيء من قبل الموظفين وعدم وضوح العروض في مواقع التواصل

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تخفيض الأسعار وأجور الخدمة وقطع الغيار

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First time to check models, was assisted by a kind accomodating customer sales staff who patiently entertained me and answer all my queries. Would definitely purchase a second car to Lexus.

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خدماتها رائعة



الدعايه اكثر للقيمة الحقيقة للسيارة الرائعة لكزس عن طريق عرض امكانياتها و الرفاهية التي تتمتع بها . و البحث عن العملاء الذين استخدموا لكزس و وصلوا لعدد كيلومترات عالية بدون مشاكل و تروج الفيديو علي ن



Lexus is a very promising and a safe brand. It gives good quality of cars with a peace-of-mind offering in terms of service, warranty package. Price is in check too. Lexus is amongst the best there have been though i personally own a Porsche but Lexus would always be a safe bet and maybe my next car to own.



Al futtaim dealer is the best out there. Highly knowledgable staff very curious helpful and just plain nice. You feel your busines is sought after and they look forward to servicing you. I bought a Lexus a year ago and their service has been nothing but 5 stars all the way this past year

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