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New Car Sales - Al Futtaim

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The sales professional was just not interested.... may be we can have more motivated sales service.



I purchased my First Honda Civic and i loved the service of the showroom peopls. Every thing was damn smooth and easy and quick. Loved there best Service.

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We recently got a Honda CRV 2017 model... sadly it was not working as expected. The car used for a test drive was supposed show what to expect if we buy the same model car... The test drive car run so smooth, the car given to us was so bumpy and noisy.....most of the time it’s like riding a very small car (Minica)



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Honda products is absolutely value for money. I owned honda accord and other brand, using both of the them is having very big difference honda cars is very comfortable and fuel efficiency is really manageable for an ordinary person like me.

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Expensive in overall even the maintenance fee.... long qeue even have to wait even scheduled for specific time and day


It's ok for service

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Our first Honda car was Accord. Smooth feeling and you will feel safe when you are on it esp long drive. Although its high in terms of petrol, but overall rate is good. This brand suits for family

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