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New Car Sales - Al Tayer Group

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I drive a Ford Explorer, it has been there in my family since 7 years and the car still looks new. It is in a really good condition, the service center is very good and the staffs are very helpful too. Ford cars are affordable and worth the price and the quality.

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Very affordable and Good quality.

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موظف المبيعات لم يشرح او يذكر لي ان الموديل اللي اخدته ضعيف او امكانيات السياره بالتفصيل.

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They have to make offers or decrease the prices.

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Cuz of one staff , he make me one of the most customer who refers my friends to get a ford car . Really nice car brand i love my escape

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Very good communication skills for their customer sales inquiry center. Very quick response on the new models.

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Really crappy cars



عليكم تدريب العاملين بالشركه الام



لقد قمت بزياره مركز الصيانه لحل مشكلة كون السياره تحت الضمان وذلك لأكثر من مره و لاكن بدون فائده لازالت المشكله موجوده و لا يوجد لي وقت للاستغناء عن السياره حيث أنهم يستهلكون الكثير من الوقت و بلافائد

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