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Great and strong Network in the UAE very Useful and and Great

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Greedy company, does not put customer at the center of their business, does not care about the customer.

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Speed and wide range excellent Value for money too high

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Okay so ETISALAT is a brand me and my family is loyal to since more than 16 years but as being a loyal customer what perks do i get fromthem. Well for the loyal customers they should give up some good deals over electronic devices apart from that they do provide you a 24months plan 32 months plan but all of this comes with a billing sim what is the use when u already have a sim just increasing your budget paying the monthly money for the device plus the regular billing. I don't like this concept about etisalat why a billing sim and then u can get a phone. Apart from all these flaws i love there smiles APP its amazing gives you good deals on food.

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انو يكون مركز التواصل في مصر خربولي الموديم واضطريت ادفع قيمة عقد جديد ب1000 درهم

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i like because it's almost everywhere un uae, it's better than DU. dislike value for money they should decreases prices

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The call centers are always busy and you have to wait for hours to get through to an agent.

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نظام العقود ليس جيدا و أي تغيير بها يسبب تجديد العقد تلقائيا دون توضيح هذه النقطة لنا

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