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services are too expensive

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I wish they will increase the speed of internet connections without charging extra to consumers

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Slow connection (signal and wifi) and the slow update of usage

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Good network everywhere

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No network coverage like etisalat and low internet speed

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My friend gave me mobile gift with sim card but she go back in Philippines for good 6 months ago and her Emirates id registered already expired and i went to Emirates mall branch i ask if i can keep this # in any other way coz my friend already in Philippines but the staff said i have to personally go there with my friend with our Emirates id or she will go with me I already inform her she’s in Philippines for it means the staff no any effort or good approach to the client if there’s any other way just to keep my # coz I don’t want to change my mob.# the she continue what she’s doing front if her small ipod or 💻..she is filipina but her way is too bad for assisting client 🙁

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What is dislike this brand is they don't care there customers. Over the phone or even in store they just don't care . I visited last week in sharjah city outlet and I try to talk to the manager because the staff was so rude and unfortunately the manager make him busy just move here and there doing nothing .they newd more training to do deal with the customers. If manager like that what about staff .

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The staff need to be more helpful and the signal must be better.the offers are so few.

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As a longtime user of du i recommend giving us offers and more better service...

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