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شركه دو بتتعامل مع شركات اخرى للترويج ىبيع خطوطها وفي حالة ان عملاء الشركة الاخرى خدعو الزبون شركة دو بتقول ان ملهاش علاقة هما مش مسئولين عن اغلاط الشركة دي واتصالات كمان نفس الشي



they should have well trained customer care service and check should be made time to time by management

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Many promotions.


Address immediately customer complain. Fix the issues in billing


They have good offer, and also the staff is very helpful.



Everythin is good about it



My number needs to be registered again, so they kept sending me the SMS, so my husband was busy and I decided to do it online, worse decision ever, I registered it on the 3rd SEP, because they said 9th SEP will be disconnected, they told me it will take 48 hours and send me a reference no., Today is the 12th and it's still not registered and they are still sending me the SMS to register, when I checked the status the website was so so slow, finally it showed that my information was submitted and waiting approval.. absolutely horrible services from Du.


they just need to be honest, i chanced upon a sales guy giving free sim cards, with 150 monthly payment. i told him i just need a prepaid, he gave me a post paid and said i can cancel it immediately after 1 month without any fee, when i was trying to cancel it i called their hotline they are asking me to pay aed1500 for cancellation fee. it was so horrible. their sales guy are not honest at all, they will tell you everything just to get that post paid plan, only to find out you are in a mess and cannot get out of it and had to finish that 12 month contract. wherein they initially informed that you can cancel anytime.

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They charge too much and if you call the call center they barely understand you. Sometimes some call center agent tend to argue cause they don't understand what you need to ask they just read what is your statistic on the computer not beyond your queries. Please hire call center with good accent.

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Improving its speed a bit would be better

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