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Sharjah Islamic Bank

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نرجوا توسع الصراف الالي في جميع امارات الدولة و تطور في برنامج الهاتف



There is many shortage in many issues they have to improve.

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اتعذب حتي اجد مكان انتظار للسياره فيجب توفير اماكن انتظار سيارات اكثر و زياده ماكينات السحب خاصه بابو ظبي.

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بسبب موظف تعسف في تطبيق الاجراءات تم وضع اسمي في اتحاد بيرو بالسلب و هذا سبب لي مشاكل في بنوك اخري.

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extra charges for each and every step



I love sharja Islamic Bank



I had a car loan with this horrendous bank and the payment was agreed on to be in the form of cheques to be deducted from my main bank as long as I keep a savings account opened with this while maintaining the min. amount to avoid the charges. From the get go they made the mistake of deducting from my savings account that went into overdraft as well as deducting the cheque. So I was charged 25 AED plus had to waste my time visiting them and getting the amount back as a cheque and so on. Throughout the 4 years I had the loan with them the same issue reoccurred in one form or another, all of these issues are system or human errors that caused ME to pay the penalty of 25 AED each time! No one in their branches or call center was able to understand the mistakes *or wouldn't admit them* then I decided to do an early settlement and closed both the loan and account and to my shock the next month they deducted the cheque! no one cared and I never got an apology or a refund of the charges!

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تعاون أكثر مع العملاء في حل المشكلات ووجود باركنج للسيارات لاتاحة الفرصه للعميل للتواجد في البنك بدون قلق



they should do more offers



make sure that the changes are feasible .. more customer interaction

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