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I’m very upset of how the handle my problem yes it is true it my fault I made s loan and credit but at least leave something for me to eat how many months I went to them I explained my situation at lea to give me s one month leave for my loan due to my kid back home school payments even for my own food . How I can run away from them if I don’t paid my salary directly to them my end of service also directly to them how I work and pay to them if I don’t have food to eat bed space to sleep and I’m a single mother of 3 kids it doesn’t mother I don’t have food at least a money to buy a food to my kids .once again I know the bank will tell me this is not my problem this is your problem why before you make a loan and taken a credit cads you did not think it . From December I did not send a money for my kids they are asking something to my relatives even in this very difficult situation they don’t have a money . Our salary now from April to June minus 25 % if this covid 19 will continue my kids I really don’t know if they can survive . I’m so sorry I really don’t know to who I can tell my problem when I saw this survey I’m very happy I know you will say I’m out of my mind yes maybe because I really don’t know what to do . I’m also a Muslim woman and a mother of 3 kids . And I work in this country for almost 27 yrs .

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أسوأ بنك واقل جودة واقل اهتمام وتأمين

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I like when rate is high and dislike when go down



They should be more quickly in solving problems and be more accurate in their promises.They have to increase their offers as there is no benefits .

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They have good team.



The visa's fees are so expensive.

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