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I feel my expectations were beyond compared to what they have done. Dubai Islamic bank is a good bank.


ارجو ان يكون هناك مرونه اكثر مع الاشخاص اصحاب الرواتب الضعيفه


Very bad bank the worst banking experience ever, I have been in UAE since 2008 and dealing with banks since then, but never faced such experience, I have waited in some places for 2 hours and more but the staff was helping other customers, indeed I have waited for more than two hours and 30 min while the staff was rooming around talking to each other not asking us about what we were waiting for our respecting our time.

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التعاملك يتميز ببطئ الخدمة الشديد وتقاعس الموظفين

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You can over credit when you need money and pay after you have salary

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When I call the staff there response is very slow, when I check about my car loan balance.

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There's high fees should be reduced, the staff at the tower branch aren't friendly or helpful.

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هناك بعض الرسوم لبعض المعاملات مرتفعه .

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كفاءه الموظفين تحتاج ان تزيد فطلبت من الموظف ان يغلق الطلب الخاص بالقرض و لمده طويله لم يغلقه و اصبح علي دين كبير نتيجه فوائد بلا اي لزوم.

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