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I like the most in this bank is keep updating me faster everytime I purchased and information regarding the transactions I made and even dislikes is I can't stop using my debit card to continues purchasing or paying my bills and expenses by this card payments


I would like to rate 10/10 the best bank in U.A.E.

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I like doing business with dubai islamic bank. Its clear on its goals,service and consistency. Nothing to complain about.

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I liked the most are tellers knows our needs and the same time patience from them even they are different nationalities they are willing to served customers in the same manners which is so attractive at all times. I salute you guys and keep it up the good work.Dubai Islamic Shariah city center



يجب لفتح الحساب ان يكون به 3000 درهم و يخصموا كل شهر رسوم فاجد ان دائما حساب بالناقص فلغيت الحساب.

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They are doing very well.

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They have to improve their staff attitude.

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They have the lowest fee for loans and credit cards I guess... But it would be much appreciated if they will show the deduction in real time on apps and to provide sms back for balance for any transaction



I like everything about dubai Islamic bank

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