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Al-Hilal Bank

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not too many ATM machine

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المزيد من اهتمام

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Fast and secure service

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Its easy for open bank account and fast process .. good customer service but i dont like the application of bank its complicated website

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خدمة تعبانه وقدمت لفتح حساب 3اسابيع عشان يردو خدمه تعبانه جدا

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الصدق والامانه



تحسين تطبيق الهاتف



مصرف الهلال خدماته مميزة ويوجد عنده تسهيلات في القروض الماليه أو غيرها . وخدمة العملاء عندهم تعامل مع الناس في الرد وحل المشاكل بكل بساطه وإتقان

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Very bad, i tried to withdraw from their machine and i was turning away but the security stop me and said the atm machine was working, i looked it was ok so i tried to withdraw and all of the sudden when it was time to release my money the machine went offline. 'Y cash didnt came out and i was expecting the staff to at least service a complain ticket to support a claim from my bank but no support.

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