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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

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Improve their call center and branch staff knowledge. Be a champion of customer experience so you can attract more customers. It doesn't make sense having your ATM in every metro station, mall but you don't have customers. I even see people queuing on a non that popular bank's atm that your. I just came to realize why when i my self had that horrible experience with you


Nothing. I am never going back to them.


تسلم القيادة لمن يعرفون الفرق بين البشر ... وأِشباه البشر.. بين الإنسان .. وغير الإنسان .. لمن لا يتعالى ولا يتكبر على البشر .. وعلى الموظفين قبل المراجعين .. لمن لا ينظر بطبقية .. ويشك حتى في أقرب الناس إليه ..


Improve their online services further: for example, why not requesting IBAN letter and print it online instead of visiting the branch?!



Train call center staff

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The sales representative service was ver bad.he even taken loan of 100 aed which i was trying to reavh him but not returned.these type of people who represents bank will spoil banks reputation


دون تحيز من وجهه نظري علي الرغم من بطء الخدمة الا ان بشاشه مقدمين الخدمة والتعامل برقي يجعلنا اصحاب ولا۽ لهذة المؤسِسِةِ كما جعلنا نوصي اصدقاءنا بالانضمام لركب هذة المنظومة


Make sure your Sales Team give exact information before selling a product. It has been 5 months since i gave a request for a Supplementary card and I still haven't received it. Even after constant follow up. Very Bad customer service.


Maybe they should consider a low amount as a starter for new accounts.


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