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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Islamic Banks

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Real change in the work culture


تحسين خدمة مواقف السيارات في فرع شارع خليفة إمارة ابوظبي

Expert Influencer


Improve their online services further: for example, why not requesting IBAN letter and print it online instead of visiting the branch?!


لدي حساب جاري وحساب توفير أضع فيه شهريا مبالغ ، لماذا يأخذ المصرف بالحساب الجاري ٢٥ ، نزل المبلغ في حسابي الجاري عن ٣٠٠٠ ، فلا يوجد تقدير أني أضع كل أموالي في حساب التوفير


Nothing. I am never going back to them.


Best service and best credit card benefits


Terrible in bank service at most branches. The tellers and customer service staff is usually not working at capacity and work really slow. Their attitudes are also very rude. Most times theres only one or two counters open. With the tellers often sitting there not working.


the call center to be more consistent and efficient about profile checking...i had this specific incident that my card was stolen and i had been asked whats my cards number...realistically..its not possible for me to answer this question since i dont have the card with me...then phone converstaion was abruptly stopped without any suggestion or advise from the agent how i can deal with the lost card...


I opened a bank account and the customer service told me I will receive my atm card after 4 days and I called 6 days after to check and they could not find and still no call back from them



More locations for the bank services so that it will be more accessible to everyone.

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