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Pan Emirates

Home Furniture - Pan Emirates Group

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Its good should improve quality and durability

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They have good sales offer and quality is perfect

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The quality is not compromising even on sale 👍🏻👍🏻

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I bought a sofa and it did not last for even 6 months and when i ask for their help, thet did not do anything. Instead they are asking me to pay again.

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الارتفاع بجودة الأثاث لان الأسعار بالنسبه للجوده تعتبر إلى حد ما مرتفعهما احب هتوفر ستايلات مختلفه وترضي جميع الاذواق

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I didn't like the quality of the product at all

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تحسين جودة المنتجات

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توفير ضمان على بعض الاثاث ، توفير wifi ، زيادة الخصومات

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Beautiful furniture but the price are too much high comparing to other furniture shop

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