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Home Furniture - Landmark Group

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الموديلات كانت سابقا متنوعة والاسعار مناسبة اما الان الخيارات محدودة والاسعار مرتفعة جدا مقابل المنتج المعروض

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i love home center and also price is perfect but maybe the quality need little improve specially the bed

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Best for our home .. superb store

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Home Centre and durability are synonym in my experience. Over the years they have added some real good quality, well crafted pieces to our home that are equally good to look at.They however need to work significantly on their website/App and in-store display. Despite the amazing quality of furniture, for the longest time I had very little to no interest in their store primarily for two reasons;1. Overcrowded & shabby in-store displays. Staging the furniture is essential for us to imagine them in our homes, but it needs to be tasteful. They most certainly need better designers for it.2. The App/website was difficult to navigate but recently has been upgraded and has had a facelift which makes the experience all the much better.



They are already doing great job. A bit more of staff hospitality can elevate the over all experience.

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Unique and fascinating trendy styles under one roof

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النظر بتخفيض الأسعار

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Love the design. Affordable price.

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اشتريت من فرع الشركة واشتريت عبر الانترنيت الاتنين جيدين والتوصيل والبضايع حلوة شكرا

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