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Fast Food - Al Hamar Gulf Est.

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Why they don't have variety in veg ?

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Needs to make more varaity of more flavor


little expensive otherwise 100 % satisfying

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I always order their platter with 15 sandwiches for our training. There's this one time when the arrangement of the sandwich was a mess. But the quality of their sandwich is still the best.

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Great healthy sandwich. My favorite.

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منتهى الاهمال المتكرر والمستفز لموظفي فرع ام القيوين



i love the flavors and enjoy and hearty meal every time. unlike other fast food portions i feel full in one sandwich and i have an option to make it as healthy or spicy i like. The one issue i have with subway, is the way they keep their customers in dark about the chicken they use in their sandwiches - which has been tested and found that is not 100% chicken but rather modified chicken with other added proteins for texture and binding. If a food outlet chooses to modify their meat it is fine bit they should inform the customers of the modification as the customer has full right to know what they are eating and hence can make a aware choice.



Not much of a fan of healthy food but Subway has a special way of tricking you because their products are really visually delicious and you can smell them from meters away. No complaints so far, every visit has been satisfying.

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