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Southern Fried Chicken

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Today is the first day of the month and the first fast food where I got to order by phone was SFC. Their call center was fast enough to get my orders. Since there is a branch near to us, the delivery was fast and I got the food items freshly cooked. Their pizzas have improved in taste though I noticed that the flavor of their fried chicken needs improvement as it was on the near bland taste. Overall, I am happy with the food items ordered today!

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It’s first class quality

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I suggest for them to make their chicken less greasy and the portion to be bigger but for the taste it is tasty but still needs improvement on salad taste, choices and sauces. Friendly staff. Overall, good dining experience at their Rolla street branch.

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I suggest to have more variety in pizza, improve chicken flavour and offer budget friendly promotions. Overall, I am satisfied with their service and food quality.

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Great price for great chicken. Can’t wait to order again

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Food taste and quality passable. Pizza taste needs innovation. Service crew are warm and friendly. Price is affordable especially during promotions.

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It's great.. specially the offers for lunch is amazing.. loved d spicy chicken tenders.. the staff called me back to check on d feedback.. wonderful experience



i LOVE LOVE SFC ! the chicken is less oily and its fresh and crispy. and also especially fries . its stomach filling. and quatity wise its very good. keep it up goood job❤

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