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Fast Food - Royal Group

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اعادة اشراف بعض الفروع ، التدقيق فالطعام ، اضافة المثلجات

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بصراحه عشق اكلهم

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had been with my daughter to the rigga branch crowd at all ...placed the meal order with rice.The chicken was fully covered with batter very thick as a skin covering. it tasted awful...neither my daughter or me could eat as we also felt that the chicken was not well cooked .The rice too was not as if you cook it in a portable rice cooker ...that bad .after that I never visited the store. The staff talking to their colleagues and laughing loudly ...that's not good service. all talking.....Bad experience

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More varieties of food not just only chicken. I love their fries though.

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على الموظف اخبار الزبون بحجم المشروب والبطاطا المقدمه مع الوجبه، خاصة مع المراهقين الذين لا يميزون ان كان هناك خيار اختيار الحجم



Sometimes you are waiting very long



زياده عدد الفروع وخاصه فى مدينه العين لا يوجد الا فرع واحد فقط



البطاطا المقلية افضل شي عندهم طعم روووعه و الوجبات مناسبة و اسعارهم مناسبة و سرعة الخدمة جيدة

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Popeye’s fried chicken is one of the best tasting fried chicken that I’ve had. Value for money is also on point considering the quality of food they serve. I would suggest that they offer more deals and combos that the customers will enjoy.

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i love popeyes because there fried chicken. it is delicious and tasty. dislike is only few store

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