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Fast Food - Royal Group

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The crispy of the chicken is the best! Hope you serve white rice as well.

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We love to eat Popeyes Chicken because of the variety of their chicken!Their chicken is always cooked just right and we love the crunchy texture of the finished product.

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I like the brand because there product is good and awesome.

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Love their fries and biscuit . It's different. Wished they had more locations

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I love the French fries and biscuits.. My fave!

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i love their mashed potatoes with that signature gravy! oh my! one of a kind! ♥️

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I like the fries and the garlic mayo 😊

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الدجاج المقلي لديه نكهة خاصة فيهم والبطاطا المقلية ايضا وهذا ما يميزهم البرغر ليس بجودة الدجاج اذ يحوي على الكثير من الصوص او المايونيز أفضل أن يقدمو مزيدا من العروض والخصومات

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There chicken is good and there prices is awesome. suggest more stores

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More Store and needs to improved there products specially the taste of there chicken

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