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Pizza Hut

Fast Food - Americana

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Good food..great and fast service



I love pizza even when i was in the philippines. But there is one branch here in UAe which is really not good. The ambience and the servers. It is in salah al din branch. No parmesan cheese on the tables. Some condiments are almost finish. I asked for parmesan but the staff took the parmesan which is also empty from another table. (Horrible) imagine how could you get the condiments from another table and give it to other customer. And the salad bar is so empty. The vegetables are not fresh. In short this branch is totally out of standards.


Call center people just dont have the patience to handle customer queries.



I waited 2 hours for my pizza,it was cold and hard when it arrived and also my salad was the wrong one. When I asked what happened the deliver guy only said sorry. I requested to speak with someone else and it was the same, no explanation,no apologies or no solution


Pizza Hut thin crust gets too hard and dry within short time .. Spicy generally is not too spicy . And we ask for spicy they just add green chillies on the top ..and Also add extra money for that but still it doesnt turn out spicy .



Its the best pizza around here nothing beats it, no matter how many pizza joints I’ve tried, I keep coming back to this one. The dough is fluffy and soft, just the right amount of deliciousness.

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Pizza Hut has cut off majority of veg salads which once were highlight of pizza Hut



I just disliked the smell of the bathrooms usually its not good smell



I dislike the way of the salad presentation, they need to change it. , I know this is the brand copy right, but no harm of changing it, make it look better

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There should be verity in veggies people cause we bored now to eat same thing and even non vegg people like to have veggie pizazz so why there no change only same thing running out from decades. You know in dubai at least how many veggie people are living ?please ask them what they need to change .