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Pizza Hut

Fast Food - Americana

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I have ordered pizza for home delivery and they took 2hours to deliver. Call center agent seems helpless to communicate with the delivery man. I felt so embarrassed infront of my guest. After that day i have never ordered home delivery.


the offers should be more better for customers and the variety of pizzas should increase

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Everything is good .. reasonable and good promotion ..but need little more care about taste .



More cheese :) good promotions :) BOGO TUESDAYS :)



RATED Just like any other Pizza Hut, the decor is nice and the service is to match. Although the place is small, it's comfortable and you're able to have a conversation with the people next to you unlike some pizza huts where it's too loud. The salad bar as well is always well refreshed and full to serve. What was ordered: Family meal: 2 medium pizzas = chicken BBQ and super supreme 4 Pepsi Garlic bread Salad All of this for 69 is really reasonable and can easily filly up 4-5 people hungry people. Overall Ambiance 4/5 Friendliness 5:5 Servers 4/5 Food 5/5

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تحسين جودة منتجاتهم و طريقة طهوها و تقليل الزيوت على الطباخين الاهتمام بالجودة اكثر



Love their Ongoing promotions, especially the Tuesday offer



فتح فرع في المولات بشكل ارقى ..لكي نأكل البيتزا بلذاذه ...بيتزا هات اجمل من اي بيتزا فالعالم...❤️


Pizzahut offers buy 1 get 1 free offers every tuesday. They should give the approximate time of delivery close to reality not deliver the pizza 2 to 3 hrs late. If the demand is high, atleast give the delivery guys some spare time to deliver the pizza not commit a time that is far from reality. Max 30 mins late is acceptable. But more than 2 hours that is too bad at all! Do not overpromised


Should reduce delivery time. And include some more options for vegetarians pizza