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Pizza Hut

Fast Food - Americana

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Pizza hut is reputed fast food restaurants,had very good quality and best services,always care customer s choices and serve them best way

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Delicious and good deals as always.


More food menu and more promo.

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Pizza is delicious up to the crust, there are lots of different flavors. Their pasta is great also, same with the side dish. Price is affordable.

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Pizza hut is famous restaurant with very good quality of PIZZAS ,ii Always serve delicious pizza with different taste,

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Pizza hut is best known for its high quality pizza and very delicious taste ,it should need more on its quality

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عدلوا الخدمه لاننا فعليا كنا بناكل منه كل اسبوع لكن بقالنا فترة الطعم مش مظبوط فقللنا الطلب وكمان لاحظنا ان اسعارهم مرتفعه

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أطيب بيتزا بعشقها

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البيتزا اختلفت عن قبل

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Value for the limo-pizza package order was reasonable. Lots of pizza flavors to choose from as well as the dips. The buffalo chicken was very tasty and tender. The service was very good. The staff were very cordial and courteous. They were very accommodating. Overall experience was very good. Good job Pizza Hut Al Diyafah Branch

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