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Pizza Hut

Fast Food - Americana

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What they advert on the ads is not what you pay when you order . You end up paying over and over


I like that they have a range of pizza's, pasta, and drinks to choose from


Make sure they keep there product maintain same as it is ..



i love pizza hut because they have delicious pizza.

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the Product the food taste since I know Pizza Hut is one of my best favorite when it come from pizza . I don’t have any problem at all . But the about the sanitation since we all know there is a virus everywhere I’m very concerned the branch where I visit 3 weeks ago with my friends it near in Hadeer supermarket I think still a part of Abu Hail Alhamriya near also in petrol station I was walking with my 2 friends we feel like to eat so we saw the Pizza Hut I told to my 2 friends wait I’m hungry I love pizza come we go inside and order we eat first then we continue walk so when I go inside that’s my habit I used to go to the washroom to wash my hands really honestly even there’s no covid it’s automatically I will look where is the washroom so when I open I really disappointed there is no liquid soap there is no tissue the wash basin and toilet bowl it’s so dirty and dusty really I feel so bad please please attention to the branch owner at least visit or check your shop at least once a week looks like the management never visit and spot check the shop it’s very bad the condition of the washroom I’m a number one Pizza Hut lover . This is my very serious concern please check that shop I hope when I come back there it is already clean because this is a very important specially this is food shop should be the number one the cleanliness around .once again Pizza Hut for me is life that’s the reason I was very concerned this food chain .

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Oily cardboard tasting pizza. stay away. can't believe how much they charge for the quality.



Inconsistent when it comes to the quality of their product ( sometimes their toppings are barely present) and the fact they always seem to cancel their new and better launches leaving us with the old and boring flavours we have been having for years. If they introduce something new they should let it stay on the menu as well so customers can enjoy a varied number of flavours at their joint.



Pizza hut is one of my favourite pizza spots. All the times that I purchased from here, the product quality was always consistent. They introduced a few new flavours which are very enticing. Their website at times crashes especially when it comes to the payment process. However, that has happened to me only on a few occasions. Overall, i highly recommend pizza hut for their taste, consistency and value for money.

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fast service, variety of flavors or choices and good value for money

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It's one of the best pizza brand.. just food consistency in the salad station and promptness of refilling it as it is the starter before the main meal. Other than a great place and great food..

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