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Pizza Hut

Fast Food - Americana

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My kids like this a lot

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اعشق بيتزا هات والسلطة تجنن

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انصح هذا الشركة في الاستمرار في الأداء هذا وعدم تراجع لتبقى في أعلى مستوى


Pizza Hut was my favorite since then. However, I noticed that the dough quality, the pan, had changed. Its texture is not the same as before and became so oily.

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I love their pizza especially the stuff crust which is one of their best seller... the dough are delicious which is i love about their pizza. Delivery is fast and customer service is great.


مزيداً من التفوق.. والتركيز علي تغطية جميع المناطق مثل منطقة دبا الفجيره

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للأسف كلما تشتري من فرع تجد طريقةإعدادالبيتزا مختلفة على حسب الشخص الذي يصنعها وأرجوا أن يقللواةمن صلصةالطماطم لأنهم يضعونها بكثرة بشكل مبالغ فيه

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تقليل الاسعار .. وتكبير محلاتهم

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Pizza Hut continues to be my favourite Pizza destination . I've tasted 4 pizza outlets , including pizza hut , and the taste and quality of pizza hut has always been consistent. Their Pizza's are priced at an economical rate.

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مش زي اول اتغيرت للاسواء

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