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Pizza Hut

Fast Food - Americana

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very slow delivery , they have also to improve the pizza quality , although they have very nice salad


I tried the promo of three medium pizza for 66aed . This was a good promo package. The counter staff was very attentive and was very friendly with a nice voice as well. The time of waiting for the pizzas was acceptable to me...just a little over 15minutes. I don't know if they have free WiFi...I did not ask and they did not tell waiting customers just even for courtesy to pass away waiting time. Three boxes were given...there were no paper bags to put it...there was nothing to tie the boxes together. You have to carry the 3 boxes of pizza as they are...however the staff in the counter with the beautiful voice apologized for the inconvenience...that will suffice the effort of carrying the boxes from the store to my room abot 800 meters walk. But seriously...there could have been something to tie the 3 boxes...that's just a suggestion.

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يرجى الاهتمام اكثر بجودة المنتج من حيث مكونات البيتزا والكميه


The quality depends on the branch

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ممكن عمل بيتزا بالطحين الاسمر لمن يعمل دايت

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I love Pizza Hut that is what keeps me coming back plus their recent offers are tempting. However, the main issue in whole Americana is that their delivery system needs to be much better.. Whenever I order from any of Americana it will always be a terrible experience.. the staff is not cooperative and the delivery always takes more than an hour and half. I believe they need to train the staff to be more helpful and to make the client comfortable by showing him that they are taking an action not empty words which might make the client tends to be frustrated and many times angry. And about Pizza Hut on the store we love pizza and the staff are good but always overwhelmed and not easy to talk to maybe thier working hours is too long or they have a lot to do. Many times they lack hospitality fundamentals and seems tried or not in the mood. But I love Pizza Hut and all Americana chain and really hope they can take those notes into consideration

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Good food..great and fast service

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من افضل الاطعمه بالنسبه لي و عروضه الدائمه تجعله مميز 👌🏻

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