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Papa John's

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بابا جونز المنتج كويس بس اوفر ف الاسعار مش مستاهل السعر اوي ف المنتج الاكل

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The food is very good however sometines it's takes too long and the most important sometime they don't have garlic sauce with pizza which is really one of best suace they have to eat with pizza



The waiting time to get your orders is way too much, most especially when they're having promotions

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I like the pizza, the dough is so soft even the next day you can eat it and the taste still the same and the toppings is tasty. What I don't like is the service crew is slow and the staff sometimes they are not approachable.



When I was first introduced to PJ, I loved having pizza from them, especially they chicken ranch pizza. I have tried their other flavors but nothing’s beats the ranch. However overtime the quality of their pizza deteriorated. I would suggest if you could bring in different flavors of chicken wings that would be good. I have many of my friends who agree with me on this. Their offers are good too, but quality wise they need to, bring it up again.



What I like with this brands is that the taste of their foods are very consistent and not too oily. Their service and servings does not change whenever they have promotions. Very unique



The taste and freshness of the pizzas given makes me overlook other mistakes.



Good food, need to improve the service it’s quite slow


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