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new shahama branch .. excellent staff very friendly. order is readily available . I am glad that its near my home place . khalifa citypetrol station - too conjusted. i must say staff are not well coordinated . whenever i order something . there will some or the other thing missing. for example if i buy a kfc meal with salad. salad will be missing . or either sauce and if there are any items not available they should make some sort of sign board saying we apologize but this item is not available today so that the customers are aware of what they will be ordering rather then wasting time . worse customer service comes when, is when the customer places an order and the staff goes like sorry maam no sandwich only chicken. its like limited service and at the same time limited order. do work on these issues KFC . i hope KFC maintains the same standard like it does always . i hope my comment reaches you well and hope you guyz work on these issues because no matter what i LOVE KFC .

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The telephone operator on the hotline never seems to completely get the order correct. there is always one thing missing or not done what we ask for.

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the chicken has too much oil.

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attitude of most of their staff only Rigga Dubai location very good staff French fries always bad taste try to make it same Hardees



I like KFC Dalma mall...And Zayd Gold market KFC food and service not good should be closed or upgrade the test of food

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The cheese used is very smelly



more stores and more promos

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للاسف من سيء للأسوء الاكل كان كله زيت زيادة و في قطع غير ناضجه والبطاطه قديمة وبارة

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