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A cheap knockoff of the American five guys, nothing's tastes the same , disgusting.

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For the one who are handling the food, avoid shouting ir talking if you don’t have mask. Given that the foods were prepared openly, we can easily see what’s happening but it is unhygienic to see that food handlers does not wear mask while preparing food and they are shouting/talking (to invite more guests) while preparing food. There might be salivas all over the food they’re preparing.

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Amazing, would love to try them again but it gets a bit expensive sometimes.


Five Guys need to put more branches and make there prices lower so that everybody can afford to buy it.

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Nice flavours but very expensive for a burguer


very nice burger ,good taste , please think about some discount only.

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Over priced but amazing food.



Best burger in the world and they giving best service but only price problem if good price I will eat everyday Five guys burger

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The serving size not enough for one adult


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