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I hope they can expand to some other malls or areas as their burger are so yummy.

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I love u guys ❤️



i like five guys because they have delicious burger in town and love there fries. staff is friendly and accomodating. my dislike is they have only fre store in our area. hoping to have more store soon.

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it was my first outing after lockdown, i didn't expect how yummy it is 🥰 the portion is big and fries are home made style. best burger so far. the only thing that they provide tissues by request.

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Made fresh everyday. The only downside is there are no bacons on the add ons like in the US. cajun fries ftw!



الاكل جيد جدا .. المنيو واحدة وغير مربكة.. كمية الاكل مناسبة بالنسبة للسعر

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Foods are expensive! And theres no combo meal like other fast food have

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Yes they do cook the burgers in front of the customers to give it an authentic vibe, but end of the day there isn’t any special ingredients in the burgers, just normal over priced ones. Furthermore there aren’t variety of products, just four types of standard burgers, some sandwiches, and that’s it!!! All over priced!!!! The funny this is when going in-store to order, they made an unusual line up for ordering as if the place is very important, but that method creates more crowds waiting in frustration

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i like the burger as you can choose what to put in it. the cajun fries are also great plus they give free peanuts

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